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Data Recovery tool for Formatted NTFS drive

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Optimum Recovery NTFS (Formatted) has been launched by Optimum Data Recovery, Inc. which recovers data from a formatted Windows NTFS drive in a short duration of time. The data recovery tool ensures data retrieval from formatted and corrupted drive. This freeware recovery software recovers all the files and directories within minutes.

Optimum Recovery NTFS (Formatted) data recovery software recovers critical data lost due to any reason of drive format.

The turnaround time of this data recovery tool is short.

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It is equipped with an efficient drive scanner. Drive scan time is quite minimal and after the scan is complete directory tree structure is built. The directory tree structure shows the arrangement of files as they were before drive reformat. The files and folders can be easily recovered and placed in a healthy drive.

If however the drive has suffered any physical injury then Optimum Data Recovery, Inc. is the most suitable place for data recovery. We have a chain of our labs in Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Boston and London. Our expertise in hard drive data recovery and other storage media recovery has enabled us to recover data in the most desperate situations. We also deal with the data recovery of other storage media.

The data recovery tool offered by Optimum is safe and reliable to use. Optimum Data Recovery, Inc. has in the past and will continue to give its customers the best data recovery services they demand. Optimum’s data recovery softwares are free and an example of standard and quality.

For more on NTFS formatted drive data recovery tool call us at 1-800-580-4959


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